2019 National Catalog Forum

The 12th Annual National Catalog Forum takes place next month (April 8 – 10) in Washington DC. The event is run by the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) and will host key executives from the ACMA, USPS, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and other government officials to inform members on critical issues such as postage increases, tariffs, remote sales tax legislation, and regulatory changes that impact business.

On the morning of April 9th, there will be a short walk to Capitol Hill where forum attendees will have an opportunity to meet (as constituents) with members of Congress.

The ACMA is the largest industry association that advocates specifically for catalog marketers and their suppliers. These are some of the issues our industry is facing:

–>More postage increases are likely if there is no postal reform legislation passed. The PRC is considering higher postage rate increases that are beyond-CPI 2% each year.

–> The PRC is considering how 2% to 4% increases on non-ECR flats could impact volume and finances.

–> The remote sales tax collection is a concern after the South Dakota vs Wayfair, Inc ruling.

–>Tariffs are being imposed on goods imported from China and elsewhere, resulting in either lower profit margins or merchandise price increases — neither of which is good for business.

To all the catalog and e-commerce brands reading this, please consider attending the forum and going to Capitol Hill. It’s important for the catalog industry to form a united front and make its presence known.

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