You run your digital marketing programs.  We’ll handle your direct mail.

Use a strategic catalog expert that “pays for herself in a few months”…and keep her on your team.

It’s a common strategy to succeed at any game: Always have an ace up your sleeve.

To really be able to master your offline efforts and successfully grow your sales, you’ll need a long-term partner committed to collecting actionable data, crafting ongoing strategy and providing an end-to-end, “done-for-you” experience.

With Hansel Group Marketing as your go-to partner, e-commerce and catalog businesses can rely on a deep level of expertise, a behind-the-scenes operator working to translate every opportunity into a method of growing sales and improving your ROI.  While you work on what you’re great at, this is what we’ll do:

  • Develop a customized direct mail program, helping every step of the way with strategy, best practices and costing efficiencies
  • Work behind the scenes to make sure all details are handled
  • Strategically help you optimize or launch a catalog marketing program
  • Offer relevant, focused ideas, circulation tactics, and meticulous planning
  • Extract customer insights, key takeaways, and provide all the customer metrics you can handle

Most agencies have it wrong!

They use match-back attribution to plan your strategy…but overlapping marketing channels = inflated sales.

Catalog match-back attribution results in over-stated catalog sales and the potential to mail too many catalogs to customers who probably would have purchased anyway.

Other agencies and vendors love this because it makes them look good and it’s easy to execute. We don’t believe in taking the easy way out.  We use proven, hold-out test attribution methodologies to drive profitable, incremental revenue to your business.

You can expect us to develop customized, data-driven strategies for your direct mail program, so you can make smarter, more informed decisions, keeping you firmly in control of your growth.

Your business is not limited to online sales – so why should your strategies be?

Let us show you how we can transform your direct mail program and align your marketing efforts.

  • If it feels like you’re leaving money on the table, most likely, you are.
  • If it feels like something is missing and you should be making way more sales, you’re right.
  • If it feels like your business is tapped out — in resources, time, sales, growth or even just quality leads — chances are, it’s true.
  • The problem is that you’re stretched to the max and you’re not even sure what new strategies are going to give you that mythical “bang for your buck” you’re looking for.

“Are we putting money in the wrong campaigns? Should we be expanding our offline presence? What is the overlap across our marketing channels? Are we really acquiring new customers online or are we reactivating existing buyers?”

These are just some of the things that keep you up at night.

Sales are big gulps of air: You need them if you’re going to survive and thrive.

Smart digital marketers like our clients know one thing: Operating online is only one piece of the pie. To become truly profitable, maximize sales and delight your customers, you’re going to need to head back to the drawing board.  It’s time to test, integrate, and increase your marketing efficiency.

So what have we done for our clients?

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients save money, grow sales, and market smarter.

Before hiring us, one B2B client had flat to negative growth in sales from new customer acquisition.  Increasing new accounts was not a priority because they (mistakenly) believed they dominated market share. Within two years of hiring us, we were able to increase B2B prospect sales by $1 million. Overall sales increased almost 4x during our multi-year consulting engagement.

An online B2C start-up hired us to manage their new catalog program.  We conducted several hold-out tests to determine their catalog sales attribution rate.  We learned we could reduce house file circulation to certain customer segments and instead funnel those savings into increased catalog prospecting.  Three years later, their catalog program continues to grow and deliver new-to-file customers at a profit.

Another client, a B2C cataloger, mailed catalogs based on “gut instinct”. They did not segment the file, use key codes, or even run a response report.  We introduced discipline into their catalog program and after implementing our tactics and strategies, we were able to replace unprofitable segments with a mix of higher-performing buyers and prospects which resulted in an extra $200,000 (profitable) revenue in just one season.

OK, I like what I’m hearing, so what’s next?

Click on the “Let’s Chat” button below to fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch to set up a call.  Your initial call will be about 30 minutes.  We’ll listen to your business concerns and challenges, ask some questions, and see whether we can help. If we think we can, and you like what we have to say, then we’ll gather some more information and put together a quote.

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