Integrated and Affordable Marketing Database Solutions

We help small or growing e-commerce companies make smarter marketing decisions by providing a 360-degree unified view of customer behavior. You could be up and running in less than a month!

Marketing Database Analysis and Data Analytics

Marketing Database

We understand your pain points. Catalog and e-commerce businesses often have their customer data stored in multiple places and lack the resources or budget to put together an integrated marketing view of customer activity.

Data silos contribute to poor data quality and prevent organizations from analyzing customer activity across channels. If you’re struggling with a lack of insights and tools to drive growth, talk to us about our quick and affordable marketing solutions.

We take your data feeds (such as customer transactions, catalog requests, google analytics data, suppression files, SKU merchandise data, email opt-in flags, etc.) and create a robust marketing database that provides you with an aggregated and integrated view of customer activity.

The integrated marketing database can be used to run analysis queries, create marketing reports, or generate mail or email lists for your print and digital campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

  • Ideal for brands under $15 million in annual revenue
  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • Custom marketing database
  • Quick turnaround on build
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Data analysis packages available

If you don’t find the services you are looking for, please contact us.

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