QR Codes: How to Get More Info into Your Catalog Page

Quick Response (QR) codes have been around almost as long as smartphones. At a time when companies are looking for ways to reduce their expenses with printing catalogs and marketing costs, these little codes can accomplish a lot.

QR codes are convenient tools that provide you with all types of customer-related data. They store phone numbers, email addresses, text, and calendar events. These codes provide you with the information you need to track interest in your catalog products and which sales strategies are working for you.

Easy Links to Your Website

Most retailers don’t include everything they offer in a single catalog publication. Some provide different catalogs according to specific categories. For example, a clothing retailer might produce one catalog featuring clothing for men, a second for women, and a separate one for kids. Some simply feature their most popular items and invite potential customers to call, visit their website, or drop by if theirs is a local business. The best approach depends on the particular business.

QR codes are your invitation to anyone who looks at your print catalog to see everything in your store. They serve as a window into everything you want them to see without taking up unnecessary space. Compelling a person to take the next step and call you or visit your website is challenging. QR codes make it simple to just scan the code with their phone and answer their questions. There’s a reason they’re called “quick response” codes!

An Easy Way to Offer Special Deals

Offering special buyers, coupons, and other promotions has become an essential marketing practice for social media. You can get many of the same benefits by offering discounts through QR codes. You can even link the codes to your like button on Facebook to build your following every time someone takes a look.

Most consumers today have a smartphone, and they use it to find everything they want to buy. Offering QR codes to give them added choices or savings is a “little something extra” that they appreciate. Many people also like the mystery behind the codes and scan them just to see what wonders they behold.

Anyone can use their smartphone to scan QR codes. If they don’t already have the app, there are several online that they can download for free. Taking advantage of the many benefits of QR codes is as simple as including them in your catalog strategy.

Direct Mail Postage Savings!

Did you know that the post office often runs a promotion for catalogers who use print-mobile technologies?  In 2017, the USPS offered a special incentive for first-time promotion mailers that saved them up to 5% on mailings that incorporated QR codes, barcodes, augmented reality or Near Field Communication (NFC).

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