We offer a full suite of Catalog Marketing Services

We help B2C and B2B clients – from start-ups to experienced catalogers – manage their catalog marketing programs. All RFM segmentation work is completely customized based on each client’s needs.

Catalog Marketing Overview

Hansel Group Marketing offers catalog circulation planning, marketing, and analysis services designed to reduce costs and improve the productivity and profitability of your catalog business.

Our visionary approach to circulation strategies along with the comprehensive data analysis and customer insights have helped set us apart from the typical catalog consultant. We provide insightful catalog marketing analysis based on extensive hands-on experience. We listen to your needs, impart honest yet objective feedback, and work within your budget to deliver the results you want.

What can you expect? A detailed catalog mail plan, carefully selected list rental recommendations, sales projections, innovative catalog marketing ideas, catalog breakeven analysis, budget forecasting, best-of-industry practices, key metrics analysis, and much more.

We work with all of your vendors to ensure that your catalog mailing is executed flawlessly and on time. And because we are a small, boutique catalog agency, you’ll benefit from our excellent customer service, effective communications, and ability to deliver results that count.

Why Choose Us?

  • 25+ years catalog experience
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Long term client relationships
  • Understand evolving catalog role
  • Operate as key part of your team

Specific Services

Catalog Circulation

We provide catalog and direct mail circulation planning services to B2B and consumer catalogers, retailers, and e-commerce brands. We collaborate with your digital team to integrate your catalog mailing strategy with online campaigns.

Customer Contact Strategy

We’ll help you determine the optimal catalog frequency for each of your customer segments by analyzing order frequency, transaction channels, and other variables as part of ongoing hold-out tests.

Catalog and Digital Tests

Hansel Group Marketing has helped numerous catalogers and online retailers set up, execute, and understand test outcomes. From analyzing the results of a catalog hold-out test to understanding the true impact of a change in a free shipping threshold, HGM will interpret the results and guide you on next steps.

Customer Acquisition

Managing and evaluating new customer acquisition can be critical to both companies in high growth mode and to those with low loyalty rates. We analyze customers acquired from multiple online and offline channels and help you understand how they interact with your brand.

Customer Metrics

A comprehensive channel-agnostic view of your brand’s annual customer metrics broken out into six buyer segments. This in-depth look at annual spend, order frequency, retention rates, and other key metrics (can be customized) provides a five year historic perspective as well as a three year sales forecast.

Outsourced Management

E-commerce companies and start-ups typically lack in-house catalog and data analytics expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our outsourced services including catalog and other direct mail management, circulation planning, and campaign analytics & testing.

If you don’t find the services you are looking for, please contact us.

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