Engage Customers with Dimensional Mail

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, getting the attention of your customers is fundamental to any marketing campaign. Dimensional mail is compelling, clever and cool – with this 3D version of direct mail adding a valuable surprise factor to any mailer. While this novel form of marketing can seem expensive and difficult to implement, dimensional mail is long-lasting and perfect for targeted campaigns. It is especially suitable for B2B direct mail campaigns. If you’re ready to think outside the box and stand out from the crowd, perhaps it’s time to learn about the many benefits of dimensional mail.

What is dimensional mail?

From cardboard tubes and boxes through to USB drives and pop-up cards, dimensional mail describes any direct mail that isn’t flat. Unlike standard sales letters and catalogs, dimensional mail comes with a built-in ‘wow’ factor and is less likely to induce a flat response. While the choices available to you will depend on your working budget, clever dimensional mailers may include things like toys, cell phones, viewfinders and stationery. While some of these items can be expensive, their value and lasting appeal should not be underestimated.

Benefits of dimensional mail:

Demand attention

Why rely on conventional marketing routes when you can create something that is truly compelling? Perhaps more than anything else, dimensional mail allows you to grab the attention of your target market. Novelty and excitement are rare commodities in the modern world, with dimensional mail allowing you to associate your service or product with a sense of wonder and surprise. Even the smallest toys or simplest pop-ups have a significant ‘wow’ factor, which you can then use to demand a response through an appropriate call to action. Or consider a polybagged catalog with a free sample inside.

Dimensional mailers are particularly effective when they utilize a single clever concept, from the design and packaging through to the message inside. With dimensional mail, you can stake your claim on the imagination of your customers instead of becoming just another face in the crowd.

Improve response rates

Targeted dimensional mailers have a higher response rate than regular mail, making them a worthy investment for anyone who wants to create an ongoing conversation with their customers. It’s not enough to elicit a sense of excitement over your package, you also need to entice your prospects so that they open the package and engage with the message inside. When your target has become invested in your message, your response rate will increase accordingly.

There are many ways to do this, with your individual call to action dependent on your business model. For example, customers may be asked to go to a website to sign up for an offer, call up on the phone to set up a consultation, or come to a specific event. Dimensional mail is most effective when the novel item used is directly related to the message. For example, prospects may be given the keys to a car that you want them to test drive, or provided with a cell phone that links them directly to your sales team.

Become an authentic voice

In this day and age of online marketing campaigns and faceless email promotions, dimensional mail has a very real edge. Direct mail is going through a resurgence now because it offers a degree of authenticity that is simply not available in the virtual world. Dimensional mail takes this to a whole new level by using practical objects that stand the test of time. If your mailers include a valuable real-world item that is likely to be used, the longevity of your message is practically guaranteed.

If the object or toy you send has been branded with your company name or logo, your prospect will be reminded of your product or service time and time again. If you send them a practical item that has real value, they will associate this value with your company and the products you sell. While dimensional mail campaigns may seem expensive at first glance, they provide a level of authenticity and staying power that nothing else can.


Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash