Customer Engagement — Three Sources of Valuable Marketing Data You May Have Missed

Most catalogers and eCommerce companies routinely track basic data to identify their best customers and what they buy. Savvy marketers leverage the data opportunities in their database to identify their most engaged audiences for profitable new opportunities.

Do you agree that customers and prospects who phone in, read your email and share it, or engage in your social posts are some of your warmest leads? Are you capturing the data bread-crumbs that lead you back to them? Don’t miss the opportunity to sort them from the others.

Check out these three data sources:

1) Call center data – Do you collect and track a simple indicator of a customer’s satisfaction after a call? Most call centers are rightfully focused on serving and resolving the immediate need of the caller. Good companies do it well. Is there some simple data to capture for dashboarding or supporting later offers? Consider adding a flag to the call record that can be used to support thank-you offers or win-back campaigns. It can be something like a code:

A – delighted customer to thank
C – resolved complaint to thank
W – failed this time but may be open to a win-back later

2) Email advocate data – Are your marketing emails tagged to collect information about the customers who share your information and offers? Collect that data to run key campaigns specifically to these VIPs. Don’t have many advocates? Consider running campaigns specifically designed to share so you can build up this key segment to leverage later.

3) Facebook data – Facebook data can be tricky. Facebook is designed with its users in mind to serve up relevant content that may or may not include your brand. Architect frequent social campaigns or contests that incentivize your fans to register contact data for your database. Once registered in your email system, you are no longer at the mercy of a news feed to promote your cause.

Hansel Group Marketing works with clients to identify the sources of data they may have on hand to create opportunities for business growth. Need a partner? We would love to chat to share an idea or two about how to help your business.

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