5 Prospecting Ideas to Test Now and in 2018

  1. Purchase the customer list from a competitor (or company in your niche) that recently went out of business. One of my clients did that earlier this year and we’ve seen a tremendous ROI from this approach.
  2. Partner with Pandora radio to create a look-alike audience for prospecting by sending them hashed (encrypted) emails. Numerous companies are already doing this including a financial services company, Fabletics, and Propel electrolyte water.
  3. Remember Groupon? It’s time to give it another look if it’s getting harder and more expensive to acquire new customers.  The key is to run the numbers first and design a promotion that will come very close to meeting your acquisition guidelines.  Pick a product with a high profit margin and choose a core item.
  4. Test digital advertising with Bazaarvoice Advertising. They can serve up ads targeting shoppers who are actively looking at product in your category.
  5. Consider sponsoring a podcast or an XM radio show that aligns with your brand.